Dr. Henry Daniel - Principal Investigator, Professor of Dance and Performance Studies, Artistic Director of Full Performing Bodies. Daniel’s research concentrates on strengthening notions of practice-based-research or research/creation in the performing arts in Canada. He is a performer and choreographer with numerous inter- and multi-disciplinary performance works to his name and also publishes scholarly articles in the area.

Dr. Rita Dhamoon - collaborator/scholar, Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy and Political Science, University of the Fraser Valley. Dr. Dhamoon’s current research program expands and develops existing work on identity/difference politics, culture, critical views on multiculturalism, race-thinking and racism, feminism and gender, and democracy. She is the author of Identity/Difference Politics: how difference is produced and why it matters (Vancouver: UBC Press, 2009).

Dr. Olena Hankivsky – collaborator/scholar, Professor in the Public Policy Program at Simon Fraser University (SFU); founder and director of the Institute for Intersectionality Research and Policy. She is internationally recognized for her contributions in the use of intersectionality theory in research and public policy. Dr. Hankivsky publishes widely on the use of intersectionality as a paradigm for health research and policy.

Professor Owen Underhill – collaborator/composer, Professor Underhill is co-Artistic Director and conductor of Turning Point Ensemble, former Artistic Director Vancouver New Music, winner 2007 Western Canadian Music Awards Outstanding Classical Composition, Vice-President Canadian Music Centre, and current Director of the School for the Contemporary Arts at SFU. He has an immense portfolio in composing for orchestra, opera, chamber and choral ensembles, and music for dance and theatre.