About Project Barca

The main goal of this project is to design a new intellectual framework for research/creation in choreographic practice that deploys and foregrounds intersections of difference, and to produce the full-length multidisciplinary performance work Barca within that framework. Its objectives are:
  1. To bring together a unique team of senior researchers and professional artists/performers to explore new models of art making, without jeopardizing the integrity of both artistic and academic deliverables.
  2. To train a new generation of undergraduate, and graduate students in the innovative and interdisciplinary research/creation techniques we will develop.
  3. To create the performance work Barca as an example of how new roles can be formed and performed against a backdrop of strong local, indigenous, and multiple intersecting identities.
  4. To present this work, with accompanying workshops, seminars, and papers at national and international academic colloquia and peer reviewed journals.
  5. To enhance the theoretical development of both intersectionality and performance studies.