Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Haikai Video Stills

While documenting the Haikai rehearsal process, I found myself fascinated by the gamelon instruments. Below are a few stills from the footage I captured of them, as well as some stills from the Haikai performance. 

Oftentimes in a dance piece one is overwhelmed by music, video, and other effects. However, I found that the Haikai composition was very minimalistic. In addition, the calm colors of Remy's 'map media' complimented (and did not overwhelm) the piece. As such, I found the dancers' movements to have more power. The juxtaposition of quiet and sound gave the piece a sort of meditative quality. 

It is interesting to go back and edit the footage from Haikai. Being able to see the dancers in close up reiterates the intensity that they brought to the performance. I am currently editing the video footage from Haikai and the Here Be Dragons Preview, as well as logging all footage from the rehearsal process. 

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