Wednesday, 25 April 2012

This is the third day of the intersession period and a lot has already happened. Many inspiring things have been brought by the individual participants to the production circle.  Editing all this material will be a fascinating and challenging task for all of us. I would personally like to share this song from a famous Brazillian composer songwriter that many of you may know. His name is Caetano Veloso and the song is Os Argonautas, inspired by the work of the Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa. (a quick translation below).


The Boat!
My heart can not handle
So much storms,  joy
My heart is not satisfied
The day, the mark, my heart
The port, no! ...

Navigating is necessary /precise
Living is not necessary
/precise ... (2x)

The Boat!
Night in your so beautiful
Smile loose lost
Horizon, dawn
The laughter, the arc in the morning
The port, nothing! ...

Navigating is necessary
Living is not necessary (2x)

The Boat!
The car is brilliant
The rail loose, the noise
From my tooth in your vein
The blood, the puddle, slow noise
The port, silence! ...

Navigating is necessary

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