Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Barca: el otro lado

July 23th (Tuesday) & 24th (Wednesday) at 9:30 pm

At Espai 30 - Nau Ivanow-
Address: C/ Honduras, 28-30. Metro: la Sagrera, Barcelona.

The dancers in this work, who all live in Barcelona, offer their personal narratives to question and provoke issues of identity. Using the historic events of 1492 as a reference point, their performance explores what happens when the human urge to ‘adventure’ takes hold, when the curiosity and excitement of discovery turns to ‘colonization’, and/or occupation of territory; the physical, psychological, and emotional territory of self and other. 

Barca: el otro lado is part of an international performance project involving dancers, musicians, and media artists in Canada and Catalonia. The title deliberately uses the city of Barcelona as a vehicle, a barca, for new cross-Atlantic voyages of discovery and understanding, connecting to Vancouver, Canada, at the edge of the Pacific. Going west to find east/going east to find west.

Choreographed & Directed by: Henry Daniel
Production Coordinator & Dramaturgical Assistant: Rakel Marín

Dancers: Laura Calvet, Sara Martín, Sole Medina, Elisenda Moya, Mar Perera, Ireneu Tranis, Ángel Zotes, Joahn Volmar.
Musicians: Anna Casademunt (viola de gamba), Rakel Ezpeleta (soprano), Stanislas Germain (lute & percussion), Pepe Luna (oud & percussion).

Video-art: ARREBATO (Mónica Martín, Luciano Miranda & Ignasi Rubio).
Music Adviser: Owen Underhill
Coreographic Adviser: Anna Romani
Light Design: Rafa Tomico (EstamosDeBolo)
Rehearshal Repeteteur: Elisenda Moya
Graphic Design: Amit Barua
Fotography: Àgata Fornós
Trailer: Sepehr Samimi

Ticket price: 10€ for FIRT attendants and associates to Nau Ivanow, with accreditation (regular prize: 12€)
Reservations: (please indicate number of tickets, performance day and discount type).

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We wish to thank The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) as the primary funding agency for Project Barca and the following organizations and individuals for their assistance and continuing support: Institut del Teatre; Boris Daussà (FIRT 2013); Mark Fleishman  & Anna Birch (PaR WG); Esther Sabat (Dansa Ramón Solé); María Vera (Phi); David Marín (Nau Ivanow); Xavier Basiana (Espai 30); Sonia Klanburg (AREA Espai de Creació).